Thursday, 8 January 2009

Still wanna get your cockatoo stuffed this winter? Watch this video

Ewwwrllllright, girls!!

Are you thinking of joining the other mod-L gallies in stuffing a small cockatoo (or similar) up your designer skirt to keep in tune with fashion, as Ms. Moss, always on the bandwagon for glittergarb press, has done. Save your pennies up for something a little more creative, like a holiday to Mustique with your veneered zirconia, handbags (at only £673 a shot, so I'll have 2).

First of all, here are 2 "cute" tigers. Please click on each blue hyperlink within the following page link to view the videos.

If you do chance upon this taxidermy horror (human, or not??) at the shop "Get Stuffed" in Islington, North London. There you will see Robert Sclare in his overalls, blackened fingernails and blood stained trousers with a gleaming smile, chuckling away, happy to greet all the Manolos clicking through his doorway for a bit of home-made sparrow broaches. And as for the shop, if you have a penchant for the smell of death and rot, then you're probably in need of some help. But oh, small details.

First, the bit about Robert Sclare, the now famous taxidermist who seemingly likes killing (horribly) and skinning two week old tiger and leopard cubs (mega £££'s, of course), a black panther and various other endangered animals, then forging documents to avoid detection. And he got away with this for years in his Islington shop "Get Stuffed" (google it). Apparently for some time, until the police got him and he was sent to the Clink. And guess how they died? Painlessly? Nope. But that hasn't stopped the beast from starting up his business again. So whenever you buy something skinned and stuff (and don't believe a single fart about the wretched animal dying first, they get 'em when they're at the physical peak and then so sweetly break their necks or drill a hole in their brains til their dead (well, we wouldn't want to mark the merchandise, now would we?)

02.04.2005 3 by MariannaS.

Essex Road Shops by julietrowley.

Robert Sclare, 52, the UK taxidermist who was running the shop "Get Stuffed" In London, has been sentenced to seven months in jail for trying to sell the stuffed corpses of some of the world's most endangered animals, then forging applications for special licences to deal in the specimens and illegally keeping the creatures for sale.

Among the species found at his shop in Islington, north London, were a week-old tiger cub, a leopard, a chimpanzee, a green turtle, a grey wolf and 21 birds of prey.

The Police raid uncovered a total of 69 specimens that were either endangered or protected.
Officers needed two removal vans to take away the items, which also included a black panther, skulls from a gorilla, an elephant's foot fashioned onto a table, some ivory and various big cat rugs and skins.

Investigator from the WWF described the shop as horrific.

Robert Sclare, 52, of Southgate, north London, pleaded guilty at a earlier hearing to 27 counts of forgery relating to permit applications, and 14 of illegally purchasing, selling or displaying the animals for a commercial purpose.
Passing sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Judge Diana Faber said: "When you realise the difficulty you were in you then cobbled together these forged applications to get you out of trouble.
"These are very serious offences, so serious that in fact that nothing but a custodial sentence will suffice."

The head of the WWF's illegal wildlife trade programme, Stuart Chapman, said

"It doesn't get any worse than this. Entering the shop was like walking into an animal shop of horrors.

"This case shows Sclare's total contempt for the conservation of highly endangered species."
According to the WWF, London is a major centre for the sale of rare wildlife, with many animals smuggled in, dead and sometimes alive, from Europe.


However, after serving his time, Robert Sclare has simply returned and reopened his business, Get Stuffed.

The shop continues to trade today.


So. Still want to buy that cute little sparrow to stick into your Dolce straw hat this summer?

"Have your Say..."

People are too complacent about the fate of animals throughout the world. at a time when we want to secure human rights across europe and want to halt climate change it is appalling to think that our civilization attributes such little energy into protecting the integrity of animals - wild, captive and domesticated. if we really want to evolve as humans and as a society more publicity should be given to highlight the abhorrent treatment of animals.

The reality that lies beyond the text of the article is that politicians do not want to attach themselves to animal welfare for fear of being seen as soft and sentimtental and no doubt there are economic considerations as well- meaning that such welfare is afforded little resources.

Please continue to illustrate such cruelty so as eventually people will amass to show that it will no longer be tolerated

Gilmore, belfast, antrim

* * *
The real issue here is not so much what atrocities these animals face when they are no longer wanted as zoo exhibits, but why the public has not unified in condemning the practice of keeping wild animals captive at all. If people stop going to zoos, then the zoos will stop over breeding animals to meet the need. Like the owner of one of the world's largest circuses once told me, "When people stop coming to the circus to see animals, I will get out of the animal business." Wild animals deserve our protection in the wild. Speak up for them at

Carole Baskin, Tampa, USA Florida

* * *
What can we do to make this sort of outrageous cruelty illegal? This man must be stopped. Truly shocking footage of a magnificent animal callously being inexpertly slaughtered. No animal should suffer like this.

Susan Blissett, Calgary, Canada

* * *

What sick and barbaric people we have in this world.
We call ourselves civilised??!

Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK